I'm a 19 year old that's really passionate about figuring out all of the universe's secrets. My research interests primarly lie in foundational physics. I hope to one day do work in foundational quantum theory or particle physics.

What I'm doing now:

Completing my undergrad studies at the Universty of Waterloo, where I'm majoring in Mathematical Physics.

Where I've been:

University of Ottawa | Undergraduate Researcher

I worked under Dr. Ebrahim Karimi researching orbital angular momentum of photons and how they can be used for higher-dimensional quantum communication.

Institute for Quantum Computing | Quantum Optics and Outreach Assistant

I worked on spreading the word about quantum and developing quantum optical experiments. Namely, I built a Quantum Eraser experiment using single photons.

Quantum Open Source Foundation | Volunteer

Volunteering for QOSF as a core member to assisst in the development and running of their Quantum Mentorship Program in which we pair industry/academia experts and QC enthusiasts up and have them work on an open-source project together.

Bank of Canada | QC Research Assistant

I investigated the application of quantum computing in finance for both near-term and future use.

Some stuff I've done:

Quantum State Tomography Python Library

During my time at uOttawa, a lot of my work was focused on quantum state tomography. I built a library that is able to perform QST on n qudits. [Github Link]

Quantum Natural Gradient Descent for VQEs

Worked with Dr. Dylan Sim, where we investigated the newly proposed quantum natural gadient descent algorithm and how it can be used to accelerate VQE performance. [Github Link] [Pennylane Demo]

QAOA for Binary Clustering

Built a simple QAOA model that is able to categorize data into one of two categroies by solving a Max-Cut problem, and compared its performance to the classical k-means clustering algorithm. [Github Link]

  • Email:lana.bozanic (at) gmail.com
  • Based in:Toronto, Canada